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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most frequent questions

How do I get my overhead door repaired?

Overhead doors are the largest moving object in most homes and businesses. This makes them very dangerous to attempt to repair on your own. Contact us to have a trained professional sent out to repair your door. Our staff are fully trained in how to repair or replace a door safely.

How long should an overhead door last?

With professional installation, a quality door should last at least 20 years.

Can my garage door be painted?

Absolutely! Many overhead doors can be painted, though double checking your owners manual will give you specific instructions. Our professionals are here to help you select a door that best compliments your home or facility.


Can I replace a section of my door, or do I need to replace the whole door?

In some cases, replacing only a section is possible. Depending on the type of door and damage, it’s best to call us for an evaluation so we can give you our best recommendations.

Do I really need an insulated door?

Depending on your specific needs, an insulated garage door can be a very valuable addition to your home! With such a large entrance that’s often a primary entrance for homes, surrounded by living and working space that are climate controlled, the additional layer of insulation can help keep costs down.

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